10 Fruits and Vegetables Your Pup is Allowed to Enjoy!

Who would have guessed that my crazy pup loves blueberries!? Good news for him is that they are not only totally safe, but good for him too! Blueberries offer the same awesome antioxidants to Dax as they do to me and you!

Of course I am thrilled that I am allowed to give my pupper something fresh that he loves and benefits from, so I set out looking for some other yummy foods that he is able to enjoy. I am so pleasantly surprised that the list of doggie approved fruits and veggies is so long and I wanted to share a couple of our favs with you!


Fruits and Veggies For Your Pup!

Apples- Great source of vitamin C, fiber, and calcium!

Bananas- Great source of potassium, biotin and fiber!

Blueberries- Lots of antioxidants and fiber!

Cantaloupe- Omg so many nutrients and of course fiber!

Carrots- Contains beta carotene and is great for healthy teeth!

Celery- Promotes fresh breath (uh, YES PLEASE) and is recommended by vets as a weight loss treat!

Green beans- Another vet recommended healthy treat! But make sure your pup is only getting plain, unseasoned green beans

Pineapple- Contains bromelain, an enzyme that aids in digestion, joint pain, and treatment of allergies!

Strawberries- Nutrients and fiber, yeah yeah we know. Strawberries can also whiten your pups smile!

Blackberries- Have loads of antioxidants, fiber and nutrients!

*Remember these are meant to be given as treats and not a replacement for regular meals!

Now Dax hangs around excitedly every time I’m in the kitchen making a smoothie! But be aware guys, there are still plenty of fruits and veggies out there your pup can’t have, whenever you aren’t sure, always look it up!

In the spirit of being thorough here are a couple foods your dog WON’T be thanking you for.

IMG_5721.pngFruits and Veggies Your Pup Should Avoid!

Avocado- Contains persin which is toxic to dogs

Cherries- Contains cyanide.

Grapes- Can lead to kidney failure

Onions- Contains a toxin that affects your pet’s red blood cells


Next week I’ll be posting a Pup-sicle recipe that Dax and I are both very excited about! Stay tuned!



Grocery Store Dictionary!

The grocery store can be one overwhelming MOFO!

Don’t worry we have all been there… on the way to the store you are day dreaming of all the healthy yummy things to stock your kitchen with just to realize once you arrive that you have no idea what the best options are!

So many diet foods claim to be your friend but, are they? So many bright labels that must mean good things… right?

The Lowdown on Food Labels

The good news is that food labels can’t lie! The not so good news is that although they cannot purposefully mislead you, that line gets blurred quite often.

I have put together a small dictionary of terms we run into while shopping to help you make more informed decisions on your own! some of the terms and their meaning may seem like… well duh! and others are going to get a little science-y but i think it will all prove to be useful. The more ya know right?


Sus’ Grocery Store Dictionary

Alkaline- a reference to pH- basic (not acidic) the claim on alkaline water is that it will help regulate your body pH (your body pH is more acidic when you eat more junkie foods) your bodies pH can be regulated naturally though by eating well, so I wouldn’t stress about it. Almonds, avocados, asparagus, and cauliflower are some examples of foods that are naturally alkaline.

BCAA’s- Branched chain amino acids often used to prevent fatigue and enhance workout performance. IS found naturally in protein.

BPA Free- Bisphenol A is used in plastic and lining of cans and has been shown to be linked to several health conditions. Many plastics that advertise being BPA free are just replaced with another chemical is equally as bad. my suggestion is- use glass as much as possible and never eat or drink out of plastics that have been left in the sun!

Calorie- A measurement of the amount of energy a food will provide your body

Calorie free- Less than 5 calories per serving

Dairy Free-  Not containing lactose casein or whey, not derived from animal milk. You would seek this if you are vegan or allergic to dairy.

Enriched Food- Food that has nutrients added back into it. (After processing has killed them)

Fortified Food- Foods that have nutrients added (breakfast cereals are a good example of this, its how they justify marketing themselves as healthy)

Gluten Free- Gluten is simply a term to describe wheat proteins. You only need to be concerned about it if you  have a gluten sensitivity, a wheat allergy, or celiac disease.

Heart Healthy- A health claim that is approved by the FDA. It must not be misleading, but take with a grain of salt because it does not mean the food in its entirety is healthy.

Hydrogenated Oil- Trans fats that have been made artificially by adding an extra hydrogen to a vegetable oil. (the technical stuff isn’t so important just know these fats are bad news bears for your body!) since they are artificially made they are super hard for your body to break down and so almost always get stored. You wont see this term advertised anywhere but it is important to know where these oils are found, here are some examples- Smart balance or any butter imitation spread, coffee creamers, fried foods, ready to use dough, packaged snacks.

High Fiber – More than 5g per serving

Low Calorie- 40 or less per serving

Low Fat- 3g or less per serving (be aware that to make things low fat, hydrogenated oils are often used)

Low Fat Milk- Low fat milk has to be fortified with nutrients because so many are lost in the process of making it low fat. But heres the real kicker, a lot of vitamins, like vitamin C are fat soluble and don’t even get absorbed into your body when they aren’t eaten with enough accompanying fat.

Low Glycemic- The glycemic index measures how carbs affect your blood sugar. This is usually in reference to sweeteners. (The lower on the glycemic index a food is the less it provokes an insulin response)

Monounsaturated fat- This fat has one double bond, this just means that the fat is less stable and needs to be handled more carefully or it oxidizes. (who cares right?) Fats that oxidize promote free radicals in your body and this leads to aging and poor cell health.

Natural Flavoring- Okay this one is really bogus! We have all been there, staring at a package of gummy snacks wondering how in the hell there is anything natural about them. Well to tote this label the only requirement a food needs is that the flavor is derived from something edible. The chemicals that make artificial flavors and the chemicals that make natural favors are often one and the same. One was just originally derived from something edible and the other well.. isn’t. None the less at the end of the day this label really adds no health value to a food.

NON GMO- An indicator that no genetic modification has been done.

Omega 3- These fats are all the craze right now, probably because they are awesome for your cell health and decrease inflammation. Avocados, fish oils, flax and chia all contain this fat.

Omega 6- This fatty acid is found in saturated fats and often gets a bad rap but is actually used by your body in a 1:1 ratio with its counterpart Omega 3. This fat is important to muscle growth and brain function.

Polyunsaturated- This is the most sensitive of the fats and oxidizes much easier than any of the others so don’t cook with these because they cannot withstand high heat.

Protein- Protein is your bodies building block. But beware of the protein craze, it is recommended that protein only consists of 10-35% of your daily food intake

Saturated Fat- This is the most stable fat for your body and is a great fat to cook with as it withstands heat very well. Saturated fat has gotten a horrible reputation over the years but it is in fact very useful to the body. (coconut oil is an exceptional saturated fat because it is great to cook with and has a chemical structure that is very easily broken down by the body)

Sugar Free- Less than .5g (but remember, it must be replaced with something!)

Trans Fat – The worst fat for you!! and Im going to leave it at that. STAY



Wow okay that was a lot.. Ive poured myself a hefty glass of wine and I suggest you do the same! Happy shopping guys, until next time!


New Directions!

Having an arsenal of healthy go to recipes at your finger tips is of course important! But I wanted to take a small break from sharing recipes and focus on breaking down the basics of healthy, conscious eating!

There is so much information out there on how to eat “right” and many theories seem to contradict each other…. it can get pretty confusing for anyone! So which advice do you choose to follow??

As a navigation guide I am going to put together a short nutrition bible, Carbs, Protein, Sugar, Fat, Supplements…. I intend to cover as much as I can think of!

The health world seems to come in two frustrating extremes. There are those that preach a strictly plant based diet and those that count their macro nutrients religiously. The first focuses on health holistically and the second places emphasis on physical appearance. Both of these approaches are correct in their own way but are not very sustainable for those who are just beginning to navigate their way around healthy eating or those that are just not searching for an extreme.

In truth there is no ONE right way of eating. There is only what is uniquely right for YOU! What makes you most comfortable in your own skin?

Look out for my upcoming posts! The first of many will be a grocery store dictionary– Do terms like LOW FAT and NO SUGAR mean what you thought they meant??

In the mean time id like to share an amazing new product that I am head over heals for! (and super proud of myself for using!)

3BBags makes wonderful reusable produce bags! The first reusable produce bags I’ve seen in fact! I was so excited about my new produce bags that my reusable grocery sacs actually made it to the store for the first time and got put to use!


Baby steps are required for any new habit, be patient with yourself and congratulate yourself for every achievement no matter how small it may seem!


Mason Jar Smoothies!

Hey guys! This is the first post in my new College Series that I am so excited to start! I am often asked about how eating consciously can be up-kept in the school environment (more specifically the dorms!) and my answer is usually “.. hmm I’ll have to look into that!”

As a college student I recognize how hard it can be to maintain healthy eating habits as is with your busy schedule, I cant even imagine how much more inconvenient living in a dorm would be!

Your schedule is hectic and your dorm is hardly equipped for cooking… its a nightmare! What is a health conscious college kid to do??

Ive brain stormed some low maintenance and low cost ideas to answer just that question to the best of my abilityIMG_5425.JPG!

MASON JAR SMOOTHIES are my first college kid healthy hack!

But first things first! Im not suggesting that anyone try to screw their mason jar on the top of their blender! As it turns out, the mason jar personal blender idea wasn’t the best one.. (I was sold on it myself until I realized 1)how hard/expensive it was to find a blender the trick would work on and 2) that the whole ordeal had proven dangerous for some people who tried it!)

Although I do think prepping your smoothies ahead of time by cutting fruit and portioning it into mason jars is a step in the right direction!

I just dump my precut smoothie ingredients into the blender, blend, and pour right back into the mason jar! I love it, so quick and easy! Then just rinse your blender and done!

I even found these adorable little lids that fit right on the mason jar!

My smoothies for the week are-

Strawberry, banana, kiwi and cinnamon

Banana, cantaloupe, and honey (this one was to die for!)

Berries! DUH!

Peaches, blackberries and cream! (yogurt :P)

and a couple of my Citrus Kick smoothies from the last post!

Thats all for now!


Check out  Intelligentlids.com for a mason jar drink lid 🙂



Jamba Juice Citrus Kick Spin off!

I was super impressed with Jamba Juice’s Citrus Kick smoothie so I decided to play around with my own recipe!

Of course, as most corporate smoothie shops do, the Jamba Juice recipe is mostly made up of fruit juices which is a shame because this smoothie has some bad ass vitamin potential!

I still chose to use pineapple juice as the liquid part of my recipe (half a cup or as you see fit!) and the rest is as follows!

one apple

one orange

about a teaspoon of ginger

about a half and inch slice of lemon

Blend and enjoy! (this makes about one serving!)IMG_0199.png


Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and also helps with nausea!



Yummy Pick Me Up Wheatgrass shot!

From time to time I will eat something yucky in the name of health but I am definitely NOT a fan. I mean who is?

This wheatgrass shot, however, is one for the books!

I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately with a load of work to catch up on from school and decided to make myself a “pick me up” shot of wheatgrass. With the hopes of making it taste a little better I added some cinnamon, a teeny drop of honey and some coconut water powder, the result was fabulous!

Seriously.. I could sip on the stuff! And with how absolutely amazing wheatgrass is for you, this is a shot that just simply cannot be passed up!

So here’s the full ingredient list-

1/4  tsp dehydrated wheatgrass powder

1 tbs coconut water powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon

A teeny drop of honey (make sure this honey is local and organic!)

4oz water

Add all this to a shaker and shake with ice to chill, pour and enjoy!




Cinnamon Raspberry Smoothie!

This smoothie was the bomb.com guys, (well until your boyfriend spills the rest of it on the floor!) and super good for you in so many ways!

Flax seed is packed with antioxidants, fiber and omega 3’s.

Chia seeds are full of protein, omega 3’s and fiber.

Raspberries have antioxidants as well and have anti inflammatory properties.

Bananas have lots of potassium and are great for heart health and nervous system function!

Cinnamon  is an anti inflammatory as well, it also reduces stress hormones, improves brain function and boosts immunity!

So here it is!–

-2 bananas

-Tbs flax seed

-Tbs chia seed

-2 Cups Coconut milk

-A BUNCH of raspberries

-Tbs cinnamon