Unique gift delivery for every occaision!

9 Unique Gift Delivery Ideas

If you are bored by the idea of sending your loved one yet another 1-800-flower delivery or Edible arrangement you are in the right place! Delivery gifts are so fun to receive but the same old same old gets pretty boring so lets spice it up! Here are 10 gift delivery options you probably haven’t heard of!

Send a delivery gift that will blow them away! 


Okay, okay, I know I just said flower deliveries are boring.. but they don’t have to be! These companies have put a refreshingly modern twist on your average flower delivery service that is bound to impress! 

Fresh Sends delivers seasonal bouquets to ensure that you are getting the freshest flowers possible! Because they are seasonal you won’t know exactly what your bouquet will look like but that also makes it so much more fun in my opinion! And let me not forget to mention their packaging is the absolute cutest ever. These flowers come wrapped in newsprint and the whole box looks display-worthy, the whole situation is very trendy. 

Farmgirl Flowers If modern farmhouse decor was a flower delivery service this would be it. These flowers come wrapped in burlap and come in a super cute box as well! They even have a ‘Free Ship’ section which is huge! 

Care Package

Who doesn’t love a care package?!  This idea is adorable to wish someone a happy birthday or just simply remind them that you are thinking about them! Here are a couple fun companies that have put together adorable ways for you to customize your delivery gift to that special person in your life!


This year I sent my Dad a Box Fox  for Fathers day! Dad’s are always so hard to buy for, am I right? But everyone is guaranteed to love beautiful packaging and thoughtful little gifts! They had tons of options for men, too which was nice and different from other boxes I found online! 

If you are looking to send gift boxes in bulk this is your go-to! This site would make sending wedding party invites a breeze! Teak & Twine allows you to customize or pick pre-made gift boxes that can be sent to one person or a whole group! This is perfect if you are needing to send clients to thank you packages or team gifts! Even if you don’t know the mailing address of everyone in your group, they have thought of that too! Just contact their support team and they will create your own branded portal in which everyone can discreetly provide their mailing address! 

Another super cutsey care package service is  Happy Box which is very much catered to the bestie in your life! New items are added to their site daily and you can make your box as big or as small as you prefer! 

Sweets and Treats

If your bestie or partner has a sweet tooth these next few are for you!

Crumbl Cookie has new flavors of their giant decadent cookies every week! This is what I got my boyfriend for our anniversary this year and he loved it!! I ordered in advance so I had no idea what the flavors of the week would be but we had so much fun trying all the different cookies! My favorite was the Peanut butter cookie with butterfinger crushed on top and his fav was the m&m chocolate chip!

Milk Bar delivers its cakes and cookies nationwide. 

How fun would it be to get Ice cream in the mail! Thats exactly what Jeni’s Ice cream does. Choose a couple pints or gift someone a years subscription of ice cream deliveries. They even have a dairy free option for your vegan friend so no one gets left out!


Think greeting card and then give it a major upgrade! greetabl lets you customize a greeting card like cube that  unfolds to reveal  not only a small gift of your choosing but also

Greeting card meets balloon that inflates right before your eyes Cardaloon is such a unique way to show someone that you are thinking of them!

Pinatagram mini piñatas arrive with a message on the outside and of course candy on the inside!! Some of the Pinatagrams even come in little outfits, honestly this doesn’t get cuter! 

I’ve only tried a couple of these personally but I had so much fun looking up all these fun companies and sharing what I found! Although I will say Instagram ads were a big help lol … Im sure I will be getting ads for gift delivery services from now until forever at this point!


Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

Small Business Holiday Gift Guide 2020

2020 has been a hell of a tough year, to say the least, and small businesses have taken quite the hit. If you want to support small business but don’t know where to begin, start here! I wanted to share some of my favorite small shops and some of the shops you guys told me about that will definitely ensure that you win Christmas this year! 

Shop small this holiday season!

This sweet girl will illustrate any picture that you send her! Her style is super modern and edgy and bound to impress. I commissioned her to remake one of my favorite pictures of Chadd and me for our anniversary and it was a huge hit! She will send you several different background color options. She only sends you the digital copies but you can easily get them printed to put into a frame. I adore having meaningful art in our home and this piece has really made its way into my heart!

Hands down the most relaxing facial I have EVER gotten! You must check this girl out, get a facial for yourself and gift one as well! Complexion also offers microneedling, no needle lip plumper, teeth whitening and much more!

I am absolutely obsessed with these custom gold bead name bracelets from Southern James! I have one that says my name and one that says S (heart) C and I’m dying for more! they are so cute to stack and somehow dainty and chic but colorful and fun at the same time! Basically the perfect pop of gold for any outfit and because they are gold-filled they stay bright without tarnishing! I love these as a stocking stuffer or super personalized gift for your bestie. these would 100% make the best friendship bracelet or a super cute way to remind your mom that you are her favorite kid, ya know?

Establoblanco Candles have EASILY become my all time favorite place for candles. She uses coconut oil wax that is completely vegan and v v ethical with sustainable wood wicks that come from the US. She also uses up cycled jars that are just too cute to throw away! In fact she will refill your candle for you if you just bring the container back to her! My favorite scent in a the Tobacco y bourbon. I can seriously smell this candle when it’s not even lit so the whole situation is a whole vibe. Her wick trimmers and snuffers also make the best functional decor for your coffee table.

You still have time to get them the perfect gift this year and support someone’s dream at the same time!

If you are looking to get a gift for your sporty friend that loves to workout definitely check out Method Active for a chic set and if you live in Houston be sure to check out a package of pilates classes! You might even see yours truly in class! 

Low on stocking stuffers? Grab everyone on your list a gift card from Peace Vegan Eats! This mouthwatering vegan burger food truck is bound to hit the spots wether you are vegan or not! Plus we all know the gift of free food is the best gift hands. fucking. down, ya know?

Wicked fash is a really cute online boutique that is local to Houston! I’ve loved the quality of everything I’ve gotten from her and my cut out tank has quickly become one of my favorite tops hands down.

This beauty brand is local to Houston as well! I hear people rave about her products all the time and Savoir Faire is such a brilliant nude that you, your bestie, your sister and your mom need in your lives like yesterday.

@kmasonart is an incredibly talented local Houston artist that makes prints and art of all sizes for your artistically inclined friend. She is also the creator or painted with lipstick which is a super chic concept of using only lipstick as your medium! Definitely a conversation starter and an absolutely fabulous living room piece.

Jewelry Needs!

For all your jewelry needs check out StRaine , Jewelry by Demi ,and Houston Diamond girl! Between the 3 of them you are bound to find exactly what you need for any price range!

These cute workout bands strive to be just as cute as your workout sets, and honestly just looking at them makes me want to bust into a squat and get some booty gains!

Local Photographers

Don’t forget your local photographers! Picture books make great gifts especially for the holidays! If you are in the Austin or Houston area I recommend @buzzmediaphotos and if you are near west Texas you definitely need to check out @hannahnicolephoto

You’d be paying at least $100 for nails this cute at the salon and for what? So they can only last two weeks before looking way over due? um, no thanks! 

For $25 a set you can have these beautiful handmade press ons that can be used multiple times. Stocking stuffer? Yes please!

I hope you enjoyed all of these amazing small businesses!  Drop your favorite small business in the comments and let’s shop small! 

What I wish I would Have Known About My Boob Job

What I wish I would have known before my Boob Job

I’ve known for a while that eventually I wanted to get my boobs done but knew I couldn’t afford it and never did much research. When I started working in the aesthetics industry a fire was lit and I was ready to make the jump! 

Now look, I’ll be honest when I decided I was ready to move forward with this procedure, I just did it! I didn’t do a ton of research and I was very happy with my first consultation so I went to the first and only surgeon that I spoke with. I had planned to get a few consults but then like I said, I really liked the first surgeon I consulted with.

Everyone has a different journey and different things that are important to them but, I’d like to take this post to talk about my experience, the ways that I prepared for my surgery, the things I liked, didn’t like, and the things I wish I would have known before hand!

Boob Job Tip 1: Wash your hair THOROUGHLY before your surgery 

Deciding size

Size is important, hello! My biggest want out of a breast aug was getting cleavage since as a member of the itty bitty titty committee that was something I’d never had. It was never my intent to have ginormous boobs so I was very cautious about picking a size and expressed this to my doctor.

 Almost a year before getting my boobs done I had a friend who had also gone through the procedure warn me that I need to be prepared to look like a porn star in all the skimpy summer clothes that had always been 200% family-friendly with my small chest. I told my Doctor that I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable at family functions or in a swimsuit and that I enjoy jumping in my workouts and it was important to me to still be able to comfortably kick ass with some jump squats. We settled on 350 CCs and I went from an A cup to a comfortable D.

Even though that seems like a big jump and I would have never in a million years picked that cup size, I cannot even express how much I love them and am so happy with the decision I made! 

Truly I think chasing a cup size is difficult because we all have such different bodies and how a cup size looks on one person might be completely different on another!

Pre Surgery

Leading up to my procedure I was pretty calm and to be honest, the reality of what I was doing didn’t fully hit me until surgery day morning! I was FULL of nerves. This procedure was the first time I had gone under anesthesia and I was v v nervous to say the least BUT some words of advice that snapped me out of my worry worm mindset were “Your experience is going to be what you make it. If you go in expecting a bad experience that is EXACTLY what you will get” YES MA’AM. I think these words ring true for any experience you have in life but I definitely needed to be reminded.

It was v v odd going through this procedure in a COVID world and I definitely would have loved to have someone waiting in the waiting room with me pre-procedure but I do think that being alone made me put my big girl panties on and hold my head high going into this decision!

Photo by Dainis Graveris UPSPLASH

Post Procedure

I fully expected to cry when I woke up from anesthesia. LOL I mean y’all I’m pretty emotional and can admittedly be pretty dramatic sometimes so when people told me that I would wake up and feel alone and confused I was like YEP I’ll be crying my eyes out.

Guess again! I woke myself up because I was snoring and immediately knew where I was. I texted Chadd that I was awake and needed to be picked up. Unexpected but a very pleasant surprise! 

When I got home I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep. there was pain from the moment I woke up but it wasn’t excruciating by any means, it was more a dull pain that felt like extreme soreness – My thoughts were I’m sleepy but I totally got this!!

Boob Job Tip 2: LAXATIVES


One piece of advice I got day 1 (and thank god I did) was you need laxatives!!!! This was something my doctor failed to mention and maybe it’s common sense when taking narcotics but I was definitely unaware. I had Chadd run to the store and get me some pill laxatives ASAP and started taking 3 a day. Y’all if this is TMI then… idk stop reading I guess but I cannot stress enough how important this part of your recovery is because even at 3 laxatives a day I did not go to the bathroom until like day 5….

Day 2

The rest of the first day after my surgery I honestly felt great, like I said sore and a little sleepy but overall fine so for day 2 I thought why not have some visitors!

Three people came to see me that day and it was EXHAUSTING. It was honestly hard to socialize and it took a lot of energy to act as a host. I know no one was expecting me to host or lead conversation after having just had surgery but that’s just me! 

Boob Job Tip 3: BIG PILLOWS like the biggest you can find! The bigger the better to prop you up while you are basically on bedrest

Day 3

Looking like a gremlin is exactly what you should expect from a surgery like this. My chest was so tight and I felt incredibly hunched over because my chest seemed to be pulling me forward. Day 3 I pushed myself a little too far again but its just hard being unable to do normal things, you know?!

Day 4

Holy shit you guys day four hit me like a TRUCK. Day three left me feeling like I pushed myself a little too far but nothing could have prepared me for day four…

It was my first time leaving the house since getting back from the hospital. I had to go to my follow up appointment and it was also the day I ran out of pain meds.Let me tell y’all, switching to over the counter Advil was not fun. The ride down our parking garage was rough and then the 40-minute ride to the hospital was almost unbearable. Every bump in the road and every turn sent me into pain.

 During this whole process, I tried to keep a running list of questions to ask my Dr so I wouldn’t forget, but at this follow-up appointment, I literally had no energy to ask anything besides how long will I be like this. He told me that around day 7-10 I would be turning a biggg corner as far as how my recovery felt and thank goodness he was spot on.

Photo by Dainis Graveris UPSPLASH

Boob Job Tip 4: Don’t be alone! Even though I went into this surgery alone I could not have gone through recovery without Chadd’s help!

Day 5

The first day back at work and I was a zombie. That is all.

Also, Chadd washed my hair for me which was much needed since it hadn’t been done since the night before my surgery. I was so shocked at the things I couldn’t do while recovering from my boob job, he even had to help me out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Day 7-10

BIG CORNER just as promised! I still wasnt ready to workout and I still didn’t have full range of motion but I was feeling so much better, was no longer in pain and had much more energy!


I still cannot feel my nipples or the area directly around them but I have my full range of motion back. I am back to working out at the same intensity as before (jump squats and all!) There’s really nothing I can’t do that I was able to do before but, certain motions that use my chest muscles do still feel strange and weak. Of course at the end of the day my body is still healing! 

I am absolutely obsessed with how they turned out and wouldn’t really change anything about my decision!

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Why I started getting botox at 21!

Why I Started getting Botox When I Turned 21

BOTOX – Yas bitch, I said I started getting it at 21! Let’s go ahead and crush this taboo because honestly it really is about time. 

Let me start with a small disclaimer, everyone has a different facial anatomy and what I found to be a fit for me might not be a fit for you (and vice versa) but I hope to provide value through this post and if I’m lucky bust some common myths for you!

Let me start with a small disclaimer, that what I found to be a fit for me might not be a fit for you (and vice versa) 

You might have noticed that some people are much more expressive than others, for example, they have way more movement in their facial expressions that create more wrinkles when doing things like frowning or raising their eyebrows, I am one of those people! When I don’t have Botox I have 3 DEEP wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows and a pretty prominent line between my eyebrows when I frown. This was a HUGE source of insecurity for me especially since my makeup would crease in these lines. I just felt like I looked way older than I was, you know? Also, I strive for perfect skin always and the creases were just really cramping my style.

Baby Botox

Yes, you are young. Yes, you have probably heard plenty of people say that you should wait to start botox until you are “older”. Here are my thoughts, If you never wrinkle a sheet of paper, you never have to franticly try to iron it out later. 

There is a rumor floating around that your body creates antibodies for botox thus, making it less effective as you age if you start your treatments at a young age. Here’s the thing, I ask every Injector I meet what their thoughts on subject are but the truth seems to be that since Baby Botox is just recently becoming popular we simply just don’t have the research to support that claim either way. So, think of Baby Botox as preventative, think back to my paper analogy! Personally the way I like to think about it is that if I can put off getting wrinkles until im 50 then I’ve achieved exactly what I want to.

The thing is most people that attempt to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with your body are, well, haters. They typically have nothing of substance to back their opinions, either. So, I’m not saying you should run out and get Botox immediately or even saying it’s right for you but if it is something you are curious about, get educated, have yourself a consultation and go for it!  

About 24 total units of botox - forehead and glabella

Things to know about Botox

Botox is not the only Neurotoxin choice you have – Botox  is simply a brand name product manufactured by Allergan. Dysport is another Neurotoxin that tends to spread a little more when it is injected so it is known to give a slightly more natural appearance. Dysport is significantly cheaper per unit than Botox but don’t be fooled, you need double to triple the amount so you will end up paying roughly the same price to achieve the same effect. Xeomin is another Neurotoxin on the market. It is definitely the least popular in my experience but that is largely because many people don’t even know it exists. Xeomin, unlike the other two neurotoxins lacks a protein attached to the toxin and claims to therefore not be something your body is able to build antibodies for.

Trust your injector – I know it’s super tempting to believe everything you read online but your injector is a professional (or anyway they need to be, do yourself a big favor and don’t go to anyone that does not have a nursing background) They know what they are doing and their job is to advise you. 

Less is not more – One more time for those in the back, your friends and random people on the internet do not know more about injectables than your injector. I ofter hear people diagnosing their friends and  insisting things like “you are so young, you should only need like 10 units or less” WRONG. Please do not let your friends, you know the ones that aren’t experts on the subject by any stretch of the imagination, tell you what you do or don’t need. The amount of Neurotoxin needed per person is decided by the amount of movement you have and the amount of pre-exhisting wrinkles you already have. But just to reiterate one more time. Your injector is the trained professional is the one that knows best.

Give yourself a week to see results – You will not see results instantly and even when you do start to see and feel results the full effect will take up to a week. So, be patient. 

Groupon Botox is probably not a good idea.

Do not go with the cheapest option – You get what you pay for, y’all I don’t know how else to say it. I know that we all like to save money where we can but this is not the place to be bargain hunting. Find a spa and injector that you trust and don’t be cheap. Botox is in liquid form when it is injected into you but comes in a vial as an almost translucent stain on the bottom, this means it must be mixed and diluted to be injected into your forehead. Of course many spas run Botox specials but when you see a consistently low price that seems to be too good to be true then it probably is and you are probably getting overly diluted product. Is it right or legal? No, no it’s not. Does it happen anyway? Yes, Of course. i.e. Groupon Botox is probably not a good idea.

How long should you expect it to last – Botox lasts 3-4 months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the product. This isn’t really a strict timeline and everyone is different but relaxing your muscles and training your face into less movement naturally will help with the longevity of your product.


So in short, I think Botox is amazing and it gives me so much confidence. There are so many rumors that circulate about injectlables and cosmetic procedures but, it is so much more common than you think. You won’t wake up looking like an episode of Botched without fighting your injector  tooth and nail to go overboard. They have your best interest in mind, I promise. Lastly, let no-fuckin-body hold you back or make you feel bad for the things you do to make yourself feel like THAT BITCH. 

Thats all from me today 🙂 

A Quarantine Easter


For easter, the roomies and I are putting on an easter brunch spread and getting dressed up. Mimosas will be flowing and colors will be poppin’ thanks to the colorful Easter eggs Chadd and I created! Incase you needed ideas on how you can make sure your quarantine easter is memorable (besides the fact that you’ll never forget how bat shit crazy everything in the world is right now), I thought I’d share my plans!

Yesterday, in preparation for our Easter spread (and because it was a ton of fun), Chadd and I dyed Easter eggs! I was feeling crafty and decided to look up all the Easter eggs tips and tricks so our eggs would be show stoppers.

Basically nothing is off limits and I found lots of cool techniques but we decided to try the shaving cream or whipped cream method that gives the eggs like a water color marbled tie dye look. (you know we have been all about the tie dye around here lately.)

2 things first – we decided to use cool whip so that everything involved was edible because I plan on eating these eggs. Also, look how crazy the egg below looks after having cracked in the boiling water.

Anyway, heres what you need.

Marbled Easter Eggs

– Food coloring

– Straw or stick of some kind

– Cool whip

– Hard boiled eggs

– Foil tray

– Vinegar 

– Hot water 

– Several coffee cups or small bowls

– Spoon

Put about a table spoon of vinegar into each of your coffee cups and then fill it 3/4 of the way with hot water, now add your dye. With your spoon, lower the egg into the cup to soak. We started each of our eggs with a base color.

While the egg is soaking, spread a layer of cool whip onto 1/4 of you foil pan, add drops of food coloring to the whip and then run your straw through to make a marbled effect.

Because I can sometimes be very type A, I only mix max two colors in the cool whip at a time but do you boo boo.

When you have decided that your egg has soaked long enough, take it out and pat it dry. Next, set it in the cool whip and start to roll it around until you are satisfied. Leave the whip on the egg and set aside for like 10 – 20 minutes or so.

TIP: I recommend dropping new food coloring down every other egg or so and using a new landing strip of cool whip just because the fresher it is, the brighter and more defined you design will be! Notice that some of our eggs are more bold and some look more cloudy.

when you are done, gently pat all of the whipped cream off of your eggs and VOILA! (PS please don’t ask me how Chadd made one of his eggs speckled because neither of us know..)

Other activities we are doing this easter include mimosas all day long and an Easter egg competition that I’m sure to win!

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Houston Restaurant Deals

Houston's Best Quarantine Takeout Deals

Chadd and I have been scoring some amazing takeout deals as of late. To be more specific… since the ‘stay at home’ order has gone into effect. As my first stab into some investigative journalism, I’m here to get you all the details on the best places to score a meal deal around town! 

Oh, and you know I’ve got your back on the drink special deets as well. What do they say? a bottle of red a day? or something like that.

Hop on instagram and give A’bouzy a follow! This French inspired American food restaurant is doing daily takeout specials that sound to die for. Listen to today’s special –

SHRIMP AND GRITS with Creole Butter Sauce, House Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette, and Fresh Garlic Bread + a bottle of Chateau d’Esclans @thewhisperingangel Côtes de Provence Rosé ‘18 for $49. Add a Kids Meal of Cajun Popcorn Shrimp, French Fries, and Fresh Fruit for $16.99! 


To place a curbside pick-up order, call 713.722.6899. Free delivery within a 5-mile radius.

My Favorite sushi place in Houston and I couldn’t be happier about the special they are offering! The Fish is matching any gift card purchase with another gift card of equal value until they are able to open back up as a full service restaurant! They only request that you wait to use the second gift card until they open back up again!

PS the shoi and the shrimp o’licious are my two fav rolls hands down! 

(713) 526-5294

Perry’s Pork chop Wednesday & Friday lunch to go for $16 with whipped potatoes and homemade apple sauce from 11am- 5pm. Y’all this is the biggest pork chop you’ve ever seen I swear!

Family feast for 4, choose from 6 entrees and get 2 sides for $45!

I am honestly blown away by how many curbside options State Fare has! You’ll just have to click above and browse them all yourself  but just to give you a little sneaky peak I’ll tell you that there is a Netflix and chill special for you and your quarantine QT for $35 that includes 2 burgers or sandwiches and a choice of either queso or pickle dip + a $10 e-card to use next time! (check out their easter brunch deal if you have a big group, its insane!)

So, I’m really not sure if this has always been an option at Texas Roadhouse or if this is new but the family packs are the way to go! For $46.99 you can get TWO 8oz sirloins, TWO 6oz sirloins, FOUR sides, a family sized salad, and an order of fresh baked bread! The family salad is HUGE y’all – Chadd and I easily got dinner and lunch out of this take out order.

KA sushi is offering $45 handroll sushi kits that serve 4-5 people (how fun!) and 25% off wine and sake by the bottle! Happy hour is also extended from open to 6:30!

Monkey's Tail

Curbside these yummy DIY cocktail kits! Get a Margarita kit with Milagro Tequila, a Moscow Mule kit with Deep Eddy, or an Old Fashioned kit with Makers Mark. All serve 6 people and are only $25!

Fun fact! I used to work here and I am obsessed with their pizza. A pub crawl and a margherita pizza are sounding real good right now.

Pizza + Six Pack (Year Round Beer) = $22

Two Burgers + Hand Cut Fries + Six Pack (Year Round Beer) = $33

Whole Chicken + Two Sides + Six Pack (Year Round Beer) = $36

Brat Pack: Six Raw Amber Ale Bratwursts + Six Pretzel Buns + Sauerkraut
+ Amber Ale Mustard + Potato Salad + Six Pack (Year Round Beer) = $50


Spanish Village is offering a limited menu from 12- 5 everyday and while they aren’t offering a discount across the board, they are offering 50% off take out for first responders and medical professionals! Margs are unfortunately excluded.

El patio is offering curbside pick up and delivery within a five mile radius for their meal packs and pre-made margarita gallons! While the margaritas are pretty pricey, the enchilada trays are a great deal. $48/doz for cheese or $58/doz for chicken or beef, you also get rice, beans and chips & salsa!

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you without a margarita plug! It’s a bit of a drive if you live closer to downtown like me but it is definitely the best gallon marg deal you’ll find in town! At $40/gal they are well worth the drive in my opinion especially since there is no traffic these days! 

Caliente is also offering a $35 mixed fajita for 4 special all of April!

Get your cajun food fix with their curbside family packs! From $22.95 -$59.95 there are a ton of options to choose from, all serving around 4-6. Crawfish 5lbs/$25 and why not throw in a gallon of Hurricane for $29.99! (Y’all, I’m talking a gallon of Hurricane MIX and two bottles of liquor on the side… um yes please)

Fajita Wednesdays! Snag a 1lb beef and chicken fajita pack with guac, pico, sour cream, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, rice frijoles a la chara, fresh flour tortillas, chile con queso, chips & salsa for $44.95! This serves 2-3.

For my plant based friends I have something for you too! Korny Vibes, vegan comfort food in Montrose, is doing $16 Korona meals! You’ll get to choose one sandwich, one side and a flavor for your side of wyngs! 

If you are looking for things to add to your instagramable easter spread like we are, hit up Tiny Boxwoods instagram to see all of their pastry box options! They are also doing half off bottles of wine! And are you ready for fantastic news?? Tiny’s cookies is still running their pick up window so sweet tooth away, they have you covered!

I hope y’all enjoy these deals and if you know of any that I didn’t mention please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know so I can edit my post. 🙂

NOLA breakdown

First Impression NOLA

At the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic Chadd and I took a weekend trip to NOLA (don’t judge us okay, it was a pre planned trip, y’all). Anyways, I found that when asking people about New Orleans the reviews are widely skewed, you either love the city to bits and pieces or you’d rather pass. My experience was kind of in the middle of these two, so I thought I’d come on this little virtual diary of mine and share my thoughts! 

I found that when asking people about New Orleans the reviews are pretty widely skewed, you either love the city to bits and pieces or you’d rather pass.

There are parts of New Orleans that I adored and certain parts that I wouldn’t be mad at not experiencing again, ya know? In short, everyone was right – the food was INCREDIBLE, the culture was rich and bourbon street was v v dirty. 


We landed in New Orleans around 7pm and it was straight out, you know how it goes – get off the plane, get ready and head out. We opted to eat dinner on Bourbon street and found a little cajun place that honestly isn’t worth mentioning, sorry but not that sorry. This was the first restaurant we went to in NOLA and our impression can be summed into ‘that was good but not as good as we were expecting after hearing everyone RAVE about New Orleans food.’

I can’t say I went to Bourbon st. expecting to fall head over heels, but I think it’s definitely one of those boxes you just have to check! So we set out to get our obligatory hand grenades and learn how to throw beads from the locals. The whole open container business is definitely fun and just outside of what I’m used to, but despite downing several tequila sodas I still couldn’t help but sober up a little every time I looked around and realized how gross the entire street was and how terrible it smelled.

Okay, but that being said, Bourbon st. still remains a box you have to check so let me tell you the two bars you need to visit hands down.

The Cats Meow

Hands down the most fun bar I visited on Bourbon st., also hands down the grossest bathroom situation I’ve ever experienced. Can’t win them all I guess, maybe I just went on an off night but maybe just try to remember to empty your bladder before trying this bar.

Tropical isle

Okay, so I did notice that this seems to be a chain and they have one in the French Quarter as well but I was told this is where you have to go to get yourself an OG hand grenade. The bar is pool themed, complete with life guard bartenders.

If you are looking to spice up your insta story, this is the place. Order a shark attack and have your phone pulled out ready to record. (on a side note – maybe don’t order a shark attack if you are wearing white)

NOLA Day 2 - The French Quarter

Day 2 was exponentially better than day 1 so if you’ve been thinking that this post has been pretty negative, well you’re right but its about to get real good! 

The French Quarter was infinitely more our scene, cute, clean, a little bouji, and a lot of fun.


We started day 2 with brunch at Toulouse. AMAZING. Start your food journey with some fried green tomatoes and end with the creme brûlée – it’s a must. Hands down the best creme brûlée I’ve ever had, okay.

The mimosas here are bottomless and the atmosphere is chic but be smart and make yourself a reservation! Also, make sure you have some cash on hand to tip the band when they come serenade you!

Jackson Square

Next we took a quick stroll around Jackson square where I fell in love with some street art which I convinced Chadd to get for us after a few drinks (It’s all about strategic timing, am I right?).

Genuinely, I love street art. It just tells a story in the best way, you know? There’s something very intimate about handmade art that I absolutely adore. Not to mention supporting something small and local always gives me the best warm fuzzy feeling.

I’ve always wanted to get my tarot cards read and what better place than New Orleans? So I walked past the tables until one felt right and sat down. Y’all I haven’t been that nervous in a long long time but over all I was really happy with my reading! Thats for another post though 🙂

Harry's Corner

This little bar is right around the corner from Jackson Square and it might be the oldest bar I’ve ever been to. They only take cash and the place is covered in law enforcement patches from all over the world! I highly recommend this little hole in the wall.

Pat O'briens

This is another NOLA classic that I was told I absolutely had to visit and let me tell you I was not disappointed. Pat O’briens was so fun and their hurricanes will definitely have you feeling some type of way, if you’re getting my drift. Supposedly, the concept of the bar is 4 different bars in one, like the bar we went to in Chicago, but I honestly couldn’t tell you since I spent my entire time sitting on the patio. 

Bourbon House

Alright so story time, we did not intend to go to Bourbon House to eat. In-fact we stumbled on it completely on accident. Our original intent was to go to Acme Oyster bar for dinner since it was on our highly recommended list. 

There was a HUGE line outside of Acme that Chadd left me to wait in while he ran inside to use the bathroom. Typical. *eye roll*

At first the line outside wasn’t terrible, although, it did smell pretty awful outside. When the line started moving forward, however, I simply could not take it any longer. It smelled – and I cannot stress this enough – like I was standing in a port-a-potty that had not been cleaned in at least a decade. Basically, I was like this is a huge NOPE for me and frankly I don’t care what kind of delicious food is inside, I cannot bare the smell in line. So, we headed next door where we literally ate probably THE BEST MEAL of our lives. Like, no really. Let me walk you through what you have to order – go ahead and start yourself off with some charbroiled oysters aka orgasm in your mouth. Next the filet mignon, medium rare (of course). Finally finish off your meal with an espresso martini for dessert. Iconic. A must. 

Cafe Du'Monde

To finish off the evening we took a stroll to Cafe Du’Monde. The walk was about 20 min but well worth it. The beignets at Cafe Du’Monde are a classic. This is a New Orleans staple you just cannot miss. I’m talking the fluffiest warm center and mounds of powdered sugar, trust me and pair it with a latte.

How we drank and didn't get hungover

Last but certainly not least let me tell y’all how I said ‘catch me later w all that’ to my eminent hangover and kept the party going all weekend! DrinkAde was sweet enough to send me some of their hangover prevention drinks. They are packed full of of vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, and minerals. DrinkAde works by helping the body neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients and rehydrate…all countering the effects of alcohol. These babies come in two different flavors prevention is limeade flavored and boost (my favorite which contains caffeine) is berry flavored! 

Must-Have Amazon items

My Amazon Favorites!

Calling all the amazon freaks! As if y’all needed another excuse to binge order from your couch this weekend – I SO got you. I’ve found some total gems on Amazon and I couldn’t be more excited to share them! 

I’ll be honest, most of the stuff I will list below is not a life necessity per say.. but I sure have really enjoyed owning them.

I got my boyfriend this for Christmas since he is always stealing my hairdryer. (his v v intricate hair routine requires one, but apparently not enough for him to have supplied his own)

This blow dryer is a POWERHOUSE y’all oh my goodness. It just gets the job done. Like honestly, shampooing my hair really is already so much effort and then I have to dry my hair too? This tool has cut the time I spend blow-drying my hair in half. 

At this point, I’m ordering myself one and throwing my Bed Head in the trash. For $30 you just can’t ask for more than this baby delivers.

This is hands down – let me repeat – HANDS DOWN my favorite aluminum-free natural deodorant.

I work in fitness so deodorant is important – like really important! I need something that works and is going to last all day but doesn’t sacrifice my health.

Aluminum-free is so important to me and I have tried so so many different products but this one trumps them all. I just truly cannot live without Kopari.

Not to mention it makes my pits smell like cotton candy, and if that doesn’t convince you then I’m not sure what will.

I’m not sure that this frother is better than other frothers, but this is the one I own and I adore it. Some drinks just aren’t the same without a lil frothy froth, ya know?

I hate a thin Yoga mat and if I’m telling the truth it really upsets me how uncomfortable yet expensive a Lulu mat is. I’ll trade in a logo any day to give myself a little more cush and comfort. This baby could be yours for just $16 and she is thiccc with 3 c’s, mmkay.

These are just so cute! they are by far my fav pair of sunnies and for how cheap they are I love that they are still polarized!

After a long day at work, this ice roller is a godsend. In fact im craving a nice cold ice roll across my face as I’m writing this *drool* 

Ice rolling has tons of benefits, though, besides feeling amazing so let me explain!

Lymphatic drainage and depuffing, soothing and reducing inflammation, decrease headaches, face serums and products absorb more easily and long term use leads to fewer wrinkles! I could go into more detail but I’ll save that for a whole new post. 🙂

I started using this sunscreen because The Skinny Confidential recommended it and I’m hooked. I’m on my 4th order and use it religiously every morning.

This sunscreen is broad spectrum SPF 50 and it contains caffeine and antioxidants to tighten your skin! 

Replenix also makes a spray sunscreen for replication through the day that I love as well! 

I actually bought my fabric shaver at Target but it is this same one that is available on Amazon! I think I actually ended up paying more for it at Target, too, so definitely snag yours on Amazon! (plus Amazon gives you color options baby) 

I tried a different fabric shaver sold on Amazon before getting the CONAIR and it just didn’t compare, like it worked a little but nothing noteworthy. This fabric shaver really gets in there and leaves your clothes, couch or whatever looking like new!

Also, I trusted this fabric shaver on my Lulu aligns and if you are a legging girl through and through like me, you know what a big deal that is! 

Those are my top favorites for now, but my complete list of must haves is here! Let me know if you have anything show stopping that you just cannot live without from Amazon that I need to check out! 

If you liked this post you should also check out Be Besties with Your Skin!

Best bars in chicago!

Chi-Town Breakdown

I’ve bee totally itching to write something a little different lately, and seeing as I had an absolute BLAST in Chicago I figured I should give the deets! Like where I went, what I loved, what I hated and what I wish I hadn’t run out of time for.

So the background of why we picked Chicago goes a little something like this – It was my roomie’s 24th birthday and we decided we should try something a little different. The Ancient Aire Baths had a little (or a lot) to do with our decision on where in the world to go but the rest of our plans were only roughly planned out. We thought we had it down with every day planned out down to the outfits – outfit changes and Instagram-able spots with the cutest photo ops, Duh. But upon arriving we were swarmed with recommendations of things to do from friends.

So we took all the lists we were given and sat down to narrow it down – naturally, the places that were recommended on more than one list were our MUST visit places! Our trip went as followed- 

Ancient Aire Baths

First stop Ancient Aire Baths! I cannot recommend this place enough!

Upon arrival, we quickly dropped our bags at the hotel and took an uber straight to the spa. Everything was booked in advance of course and I’m so glad we did! Not a moment was wasted sprawled out on the hotel beds before we set off to explore the city! 

The entrance to the baths is in an ALLEY y’all, and come to find out that’s pretty common in Chicago but at the moment we were hesitant as to where in the F our Uber was dropping us off. 

The whole experience was so cool and I won’t bore you with all the tiny details but just know that I got hands down the best massage EVER here. 10/10 recommend! Our bath time was split into two sections, one before and one after our massage and it was so so nice to let our muscles warm and loosen up in the hot baths before going into our treatment. Also, force yourself to do the cold water plunge – I promise you won’t regret it! 

The only advice I have for coming here is to bring your own hair/skin products for after. We did not and wished we had. They provide a few complimentary products and while the showering supplies were perfectly fine, the hair products available were very cira 2002 (I’m talking hair mouse and Garnier hair gel, like what)

 Oh, and before I forget, your time in the baths is timed and supposedly there is a bell sounded every 30 minutes but I don’t remember hearing one at all while I was there… You are able to ask the attendant how much time you have remaining but that’s kinda stress-inducing so I’m not sure what exactly the solution is here… Maybe they can be convinced to put a chic low profile analog clock on the wall? This is my only complaint 🙂

The Beatrix

Next up, dinner! 

For our first night in Chicago, we went the no makeup, leggings route and found our way down to the hotel restaurant for dinner which turned out to be excellent! What I find funny about this is that we ate at other hotel restaurants during our stay but for some reason, your own hotel restaurant always feels less glamorous, am I right? Anyway if you ever stumble upon The Beatrix while in Chicago, the hummus and kung pow cauli are musts!

Corey's Bagels

Day 2 started with bagels at Coreys Bagel’s – YUM 

We actually went here twice while we were in town because we have a serious weakness for a good bagel!

Photo by STIL on unsplash

Skydeck .... kinda

Next, cue failed Skydeck experience. The original plan was to get to the Skydeck right at opening and hopefully before the crowd but we couldn’t tell you if that plan worked or not as it didn’t happen… Already set to arrive late, we were advised by our Uber driver to get a drink or two before conquering the sky deck and If you know me you know that I’m TERRIFIED of heights so this sounded like a great idea! 

Once we were slightly tipsy we trekked our way back to the sky deck and got in line – WOWZA y’all that line is no joke. I mean Adele was ready to bail almost before we got in line but I was like “no no no, we will regret this if we don’t do it” 

Fast forward 30 minutes I spot a sign that says groups of 3 or less are restricted to 60 seconds on the Skydeck as a courtesy to other visitors waiting in line… Now I already know that it’s going to take my scared ass 60 seconds just to CRAWL out there and then I need at least another 60 seconds to gather my composure and take a photo. PLUS my buzz is already wearing off so at this point I’m ready to bail as well. 

I still want to do the Skydeck at some point and I definitely want to go back to Chicago but $25 apiece for a minute of deck time after waiting for what was surely going to be at least an hour was not what either of us had in mind for this trip!

The Hampton Social

The Hampton Social, cute atmosphere, v v picture-perfect Rose All Day sign (if you get lucky enough to arrive when people aren’t eating in front of it. Decent oysters but do not come with crackers? Is that a thing?

Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice, adorable coffee and juice bar! Pink cups are adorable! (also for some reason the entire block in this part of Chicago smells like a brownie and apparently, the wonderful smell comes from the Chocolate Factory, I didn’t get a chance to go but it’s on my list for next time!)

Two Dots and a Dash Tikki Bar – So here’s the thing, if you like Tikki bars then definitely check this one out but if a super sweet hangover in a glass isn’t your alcohol of choice then maybe skip this one – You’ll be standing in a small roped-off section unless you came early enough for dinner and a table. On a positive note, however, the cups are cool!

Two Dots and a Das Tiki Bar

Two Dots and a Dash Tiki Bar – So here’s the thing, if you like Tikki bars then definitely check this one out but if a super sweet hangover in a glass isn’t your alcohol of choice then maybe skip this one – You’ll be standing in a small roped-off section unless you came early enough for dinner and a table. On a positive note, however, the cups are cool!

The Boss Bar

The Boss Bar – Just a good ol regular bar, you know what I mean? The music was poppin’ the drinks were how you’d expect them to be and the crowd was happenin’ and sometimes that’s just exactly what you need!


Celeste – Go here!! This bar is 4 floors that all have a completely different vibe! The Disco floor and the top Greenhouse floors were my personal favorite!

The Pizza Window

The Pizza Window – Look, this pizza is nothing special but seeing as you’ll probably be hammered when you stumble your way to this spot, will you even care? The answer is no, you’ll just be so happy for a late-night slice.

Cindy's Rooftop

Cindy’s Rooftop – This place is a must yall! It overlooks Millenium Park and the Bean so after you get your classic Chicago pic, come here for a yummy cocktail. The rooftop view is something you just can’t miss!

Flight Club

Flight Club – Flight club wasn’t on any of our lists but I’m so glad Chadd and Adele found it! This was one of the most fun bars if not THE most fun bar we went to. Craft cocktails here are a must, I got the Honey Bee and loved it. Playing darts was just good energy! I do have to say though, this is a day drinking spot strictly! Also, unless you plan on flirting your way into a dart board spot like Chadd did for us, plan ahead and book a reservation! You’d be surprised but apparently its a hot commodity!

Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social – By far the best punch bowl social I’ve ever been to and everyone I talked to agreed! This PBS was huge and we had an absolute blast bowling! Plus there are lots of photo op spots, so what more could you really ask for??


Emas – We had a boozy brunch here and nearly missed our flight back… oops!

 I highly highly recommend the hummus sampler! And if you are looking to get a HYPE buzz the espresso martini is delish but if too much caffeine makes you anxious then maybe pass on this one!


Giordano’s – This is where we went for deep dish pizza and it was PACKED so as you can imagine the pizza was delicious! Also, yall listen up! Get the Italian dressing to dip your pizza into – thank me later.

Aloft Hotel

Aloft Hotel – Wait before I go, let me tell you where I stayed! The Aloft is nothing crazy but for what we paid we couldn’t have gotten a better deal! Aloft River North was in the perfect spot and everything we did was very walkable or just required a short Uber! Also, I have to say I’m usually not impressed with the hotel bed/pillow situation (I’m just that person that majorly prefers their own bed) but Aloft had some of the fluffiest most heavenly pillows ever!

All in all, I had a great time and I will definitely be back! There is so much we didn’t get to explore and I’m sure my next trip will have a whole new set of places to check out for eats drinks and adventures. I would love to know where you went in Chicago! So if you’ve been, hit me with all the places I’m missing in the comments!

Be Besties with Your Skin

Be Besties With Your Skin!

So before I start giving skincare advice let me tell you, my skin has been a STRUGGLE for me for as long as I can remember. Even in fourth-grade acne was a thing for me and trust me when I say, it was the absolute biggest source of insecurity. You guys, the day I got glasses I cried, like, sobbed because I realized my acne was so much worse than I had realized.

I thought I had tried everything and I really did feel hopeless but the truth is I wasn’t consistent with anything and I didn’t treat my skin like it was my friend.. so why would it be??

I picked at my face, I touched it constantly, I slept with my makeup on, I didn’t moisturize, I exfoliated with the nightmarish St Ives Apricot (Y’ALL KNOW) either way too much or not at all, I thought face masks were reserved for sleepovers, and I didn’t wear sunscreen… CRINGE like what was I thinking?? No wonder my skin hated me!

I didn’t treat my skin like it was my friend.. so why would it be??

When I decided I was going to start giving my skin some much needed TLC I honestly didn’t know where to start. There are thousands of products out there, so, like which one even goes on first?? How often do I exfoliate, and what even is toner.

Taking care of your skin is SO important and I most certainly wish I had started the good habits I have now YEARS ago, BUT, even though I only started really taking care of my skin maybe a year ago, I have seen the most AMAZING results!! I mean guys seriously I can’t tell you how weird/exhilarating/tear-jerking it was to look at myself in the mirror and realize I had no acne, my pores had shrunken, and even the neck wrinkles I dreaded were improving.

So here’s the TEA. Here are the things I learned and implemented to kick start the sincere apology to my skin

Photo by Ian Dooley on unsplash

7 Baby Steps to Good Skin

1 NEVER EVER EVER SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON! I don’t care how tired or drunk you are. And if you ever have gone to sleep with makeup on (we’ve all done it so don’t lie) I want you to get up right now, go to a mirror and tell your face how deeply sorry you are and that you vow it will never EVER happen again. This is just asking for a break out disaster, you guys. 

Plus think about it… makeup isn’t nothing, it weighs on your skin while you sleep creating wrinkles and baggage. I love an oil cleanser to take off my makeup! Right now I use Origins Clean Energy but if you are in a pinch just grab some coconut oil and then finish with a foam cleanser!

2 SUNSCREEN!! Like I am screaming this!! Prevention is key when it comes to wrinkles and signs of aging! If your mother made you bathe in sunscreen and you protected your skin from the get go, then consider yourself a step ahead! (or behind? – just whatever direction looks younger mmmk?) Currently my fav sunscreen is – Replenix  Caffeine Sunscreen 

3 MOISTURIZE! Do this like your life depends on it! I used to be scared to moisturize because I thought it would make me break out but like that’s like not drinking water because you think you might drown… I like to rotate through a few different moisturizers through the week but right now I’m really  into Bliss drench and Quench

4 EXFOLIATE! I cannot with how much I’ve fallen in love with exfoliators! They do wonders for your texture (is that a weird way to put it?) I mean no one can GLOW with dead skin all over their face… And they will kick your black heads to the CURB. Who doesn’t want that!? Bliss also makes really good and affordable peel pads and you can NEVER go wrong with Exfolikate!

Photo by Uby Janes on unsplash

5 FACE MASK – LIKE A LOT. You don’t need to be doing a spa day with your besties to treat your skin! Face masks can help with a lot of things and they all offer different benefits so why not take advantage! You really can never have enough sheet masks! I pick mine up from just about everywhere but SoKoGlam is one of my favorite sites to stock up on my masks!

6 DO YOUR RESEARCH – learn your skin! We are all so different in every way, including our skin, figure out your skin type and start there deciding which products are best for you! I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of The Little Book of Skincare. I heard about this book from The Skinny Confidential (another great skincare resource!) and it was a godsend. Like actually. This book is filled to the brim with so much good skincare knowledge. 

 7 BE PATIENT – You are building a relationship with your skin, some results you’ll see immediately and that is so fun and satisfying but somethings will take more time and thats okay. As much as we all wish there could be one answer and one master skin care regimen it just isn’t that way, but don’t let that discourage you! I promise you will be infinity grateful to yourself for starting a skincare routine.

You are building a relationship with your skin

Your skin is so important and taking care of it is something you’ll never regret – so like why not?? It can be overwhelming at first picking products and creating a routine but start small and before long you’ll be able to read what your skin needs like a book!