Skinny Girl Frape


Hot girl summer is not over, and frape season is just getting started. So everybody put your hands in the air for a healthy frape recipe! Mhmm, you heard me right, a HEALTHY FRAPE – this is not just a less sugary version that kinda tastes like sweet dirt. This is a full-on, NO refined sugar alternative that tastes great and actually has some killer perks for your body and brain (think Lion’s mane and Chaga).

If you’re like, but what actually are those things? Don’t worry I’ll give you the whole 411 on the situation.

Skinny Girl Frape Recipe

1 frozen banana 

2 cups almond milk 

1 packet Four Sigmatic Lions Mane and Chaga mushroom  coffee mix

Thats literally it! 


The Frappuccino 411

Does your Starbucks frape contain amino acids, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants? I think no. Sugar, caffeine and a big ol crash are all you get for your $6.25 – 500 calorie mocha cookie crumble. Thank me later for this power-packed alternative!


 Lion’s mane has been shown to promote the health and growth of brain cells, this decreases the onset of diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s and while this may seem like something way too far off to worry about, just remember prevention is KEY. Lions mane and Chaga both are great anti-inflammatory foods that help decrease oxidative stress in your body – lamens terms? These two offer great anti-aging benefits! Repeat after me, the more antioxidants (and sunscreen) the fewer wrinkles!

Healthy 5 Ingredient Bagels

Healthy 5 Ingredient Bagels

Ya’ll I love a bagel, like really really I could eat one everyday for the rest of my life but goodness gracious do those doughy halos have a lot of calories. Ya girl is trying to get abs, okay, and since abs are made in the kitchen (or so I’ve heard) there have been some changes happening around here. So when I learned I could make myself bagels that had almost HALF the calories… I’m thinking did you say bagels or BAEgels. I’m smitten and this recipe has stolen my whole heart so obviously I have to share!

Healthy 5 Ingredient Bagels

2 Cups all purpose flour (can substitute for whole wheat or gluten free flour) 

2 Cups whole fat plain greek yogurt

1 1/4 Tbsp baking powder 

1 1/2 tsp salt 

+ As much Everything but the bagel seasoning as your heart desires 

Make sure you have extra flour for shaping the bagels. 

Heat the oven to 375°. Combine all ingredients. You know the drill – no particular order here except you’re going to want to do the seasoning last of course.

 I used this super cute silicone baking mold specifically for bagels, but you can also just roll your dough and then pinch the ends together.

 Since I opted for the baking mold, I sprinkled my TJ Everything but the Bagel seasoning onto the bottom of each bagel…. pocket? hole? crevasse? – (You get what im trying to say) My thinking was that as the bagel rises it will press itself into the seasoning and the result will be picture perfect seasoned doughy curves. – I was right.

If you’re shaping your bagels by hand however, you’ll want to wet the dough on the top side and then sprinkle the seasoning on before popping those suckers in the oven.

Bake for 15 – 18 minutes or until golden. Cool and enjoy! 

I put mine in the fridge to store for a yummy breakfast all week!

How to have your BAEgle!

Okay so your bagels are made, cooled, beautiful and ready to be shoveled into your mouth, but after all that hard work you deserve all the toppings! On the weekends when I really get to take my time waking up and making my breakfast I love LOVE a lox bagel! You’ll need smoked salmon, cherrubs (these are the best tomatoes honestly), red onion, and if you’re feeling really fancy don’t forget the capers! For the cream cheese I use toffuti (I’m not dairy free but I do like to limit my dairy products for my skin’s sake) or I opt for no cream cheese and use smashed  avocado as my spread. Salt and pepper, always, and enjoy! 

*nutrition info for bagels without toppings



Its about time we girls have a heart to heart.. healthy food is great and all but this post is about a different healthy practice that gets pushed under the fuckin rug and trampled over like that guy you shoved deep into the friend zone 5 years ago. (sorry bud, we are all rooting for ya)

GIRLS. Stop being so BITCHY and INSECURE and own the BADASS self that you ARE.

Stop pushing others down just to bring yourself up and stop comparing yourself by “hotness”

GIRLS. Stop being so BITCHY and INSECURE and own the BADASS self that you ARE.

Apparently this year I’m all about the SUPER late new years resolutions so lets just pile another one on – in 2019 I will not mindlessly gossip about another girls appearance. I will not compare myself to any girl that happens to be dating or sleeping with someone that I have dated / slept with. I will not assure any of my friends that they are prettier than their ex’s new boo. I will not hold hate in my heart as a means to make myself feel better in some fucked up way.

This is my official notice, I refuse to participate in the girl hate. I’m not here for it.

For the last year I’ve really been trying to filter my negative words and thoughts, especially those centered around other women.

We all do it, and if you claim sainthood here, do you girl but you know in your heart I speak the truth.

Photo by Rene Böhmer on unsplash

Stop pushing others down just to bring yourself up and stop comparing yourself by “hotness”

We perpetuate a culture that allows us to be put up against each other.

We have created the premise.

We have provided the tools.

Recently, an ex informed me that I was a 7-8 on my best day and his new boo was a 10/10 on any day

And it made me sad.

Not because I care what number I am to someone on a scale designed to be a hurtful jab, but because I realized that all of the comparing that we do as women sets us up to be targets of this hurtful deteriorating behavior. And girl, if your reading this, I’m here to say you are BEAUTIFUL and I mean that truly.

We women are a powerful force to be reckoned with, but can you just imagine how strong we could be if we could learn to support each other and stand  up for each other fiercely?

Not just stand up for your bestie or your main bitch, but stand up for the women you don’t even know, for the ones you disagree with and even those who you no longer call a friend. The thing is, we don’t all get along as humans and that’s just the way things are BUT does that give us the right to degrade someone’s character or judge them by their looks? It doesn’t.

I challenge you to join me in this resolution for 2019 – and well the rest of my life. I challenge you to hold more love in your heart and I challenge you to set an example for all the women around you, young or old.

Life Update: Where TF I’ve Been

Life Update: Where TF I've Been

My life has completely changed since the last time I posted on this blog and I feel like the need for an update is in order. I typically don’t share things that are particularly private or personal to my life, but this time I want to spill the details!

Okay, maybe not all the details.. but I want to recap on the crazy beautiful mess that has been my life for the last 8 months and how I’ve gotten to the point where I’m at, right now.

2018 was a hell of year. I laughed, I cried, I lost people dear to my heart and I gained people I will be grateful for forever. I learned so much about myself and I could not be more excited for what 2019 has in store.

2018 was one hell of a year 

Roughly 8 months ago I made the move to Houston from Midland, and guys, ya girl was ecstatic. I appreciate the time I spent in Midland so much but it was not ever home. I wanted to be back in the big city from the moment I moved to the west TX oil patch and it was finally happening.

 Then, about 3 months into our move my boyfriend decided we were moving back… Y’all I was devastated and cried almost everyday. 

Now listen, I’m not trying to say Midland is a loathsome place, I’m trying to say that I knew the part of my life that was meant to be lived there was over. For me the idea of moving back felt like a step backwards. Like maybe even a leap? Is that dramatic?

 Cue being faced with the decision of what to do about my relationship, what to do about the fact that I loved my boyfriend and I absolutely adored our dog.

We decided to try long distance but I think realistically the trajectory of our lives was just focused in different directions.

The decision to stay in Houston was one that came with a ton of judgement but also a ton of support. It taught me who was on my team and it forced me to acknowledge what it was that I wanted. Me! What do I want for my life.


No matter how powerless you may feel, you always have a choice.

At the end of the day, the point was as simple as this – I was not happy before and suddenly I was in my element.

Giving up my dog was absolutely one of the hardest most heartbreaking decisions of my entire life but despite how fiercely I love that little guy the truth is that on my own I can not give him the life that he deserves. That’s a hell of a hit to the ego to admit but for the sake of his life I have to be honest and admit that the responsibility of having a pet is one that I can not realistically carry out at this point in my life.

So here’s the next crazy thing, the job that enabled me to stay in Houston quite literally fell into my lap! Like guys when the universe sends you signs you just have to listen. I met my current boss on Bumble BFF (yes, it’s really a thing) and about a month after meeting her I moved in with her in an attempt (a successful attempt I might add) to get back on my feet a little before moving into a place of my own.

Basically in short, Bumble BFF sent me this wonderful tribe of women who I could not be more elated to know.

A mantra, learned from my Mom, that I’ve tried to hold in high regard throughout my whole life is this – Jump and the net will form. Meaning set the intention, and go for it! I believe that even more deeply now than I ever have.

So as a last impression of this post here are a few things I learned in 2018 and want to work on in 2019.

Cayenne Avocado Toast


It’s no secret that I love a good slice of avocado toast! I mean who doesn’t?? Lately I’ve been spicing things up by adding cayenne pepper to the mix and lets just say you HAVE to give it a try. Oh, also, let’s not forget to mention the health benefits cayenne has to offer, This is a super food combo that you don’t want to miss!

Spicy Avocado Toast Recipe


– 1 large whole Avocado 

– 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 

– 1/2 tsp salt

– Spritz of lemon juice

– Two slices of toasted bread (I prefer Powerseed by Dave’s Killer Bread)

Mash the avocado to your little hearts content, spread that baby over each warm slice of toast and garnish with spices. UGH. So good & SO simple.

Cayenne, the superstar

Are you ready to hear all about the benefits cayenne has in store for you?? 

Cayenne is known as a detoxifier, it both neutralizes acidity and increases circulation! Improved circulation also means improved heart health. But thats not even close to all this firecracker spice can do! The active ingredient in Cayenne pepper, Capsaicin, is thought to both increase your metabolism and reduce your hunger by slowing the production of Ghrelin (the hormone that makes you hungry) making it a great addition to your diet if you are trying to shed a few pounds.

Oh! And I can’t forget to mention that Cayenne is rich in Vitamin A & E which both fight off free radicals that lead to early signs of aging! Say hello to healthier hair, skin and nails!

Tropical Texas


This pink smoothie is equally cute as all heck and delicious! I don’t know about y’all but I am all about anything that is equally healthy and perfectly aesthetic on my instagram feed. Oh, and did I mention that the prickly pear that gives this gem her pink color also tastes like bubble gum?? Just when you thought a fruit couldn’t be DREAMY!

Anyway, I’ll stop chatting and just get to the recipe! 

Tropical Texas Smoothie Recipe

– 1 banana

– 1 prickly pear (scoop out the insides)

– 2 cups almond milk 

– 1 cup pineapple 

So simple right?? Blend that baby up and VOILA! Garnish with pineapple slice and find some good lighting because she is SO picture worthy!

photo by Lieselot.Dalle

Benefits Galore!

This entire smoothie is pretty rich in dietary fiber meaning it will not only keep you full longer but it will help foods move through your digestive tract more easily! Fiber also helps lower LDL (the bad one) cholesterol which can lead to poor heart and cardiovascular health.

In addition to being awesome free radical fighting cancer banishers, antioxidants like the ones found in the prickly pear help reduce inflammation. This contributes to easier digestion and overall gut health. Prickly pears are also rich in vitamin c (actually a whole 1/3 of your daily recommended intake!) and calcium so lets just go ahead and stomp out the rumor that you have to resort to cows milk for a good dose of calcium!

This is hands down one of my favorite smoothies so I hope y’all enjoy! And don’t forget to tag me if you do take a picture of your yummy Tropical Texas smoothie! 


The Perfect Matcha Latte

The Perfect Matcha Latte

As promised, I had to share my new and improved matcha recipe! This recipe is simple and to the point. My other recipe (that you can find here) has more of a nutty flavor and is a little heavier. This version is my fav but I mean try them both and do you! Also you already know I would love to hear which you prefer!

The Perfect Matcha Latte Recipe

– 1/2 tsp of Matcha Powder

– 1/4 cup HOT water

– 1 cup COLD almond milk

– 1 teaspoon Honey (optional)

– Mason Jar 

Put the cold almond milk in the mason jar and SHAKE! I’m not kidding. This will make your latte sexy & frothy! You can also stick it in the microwave for 15 seconds for even more volume! Wisk the Matcha, hot water and honey together and finish by pouring the frothy almond milk into your matcha “shot”!

Why I Love Matcha A Latte!

Yeah, we are doing puns, get over it.

As if the taste, pun potential, and caffeine weren’t enough to launch an obsession, matcha has some amazing qualities that deserve a mention!

Matcha boosts your mood and promotes calm concentration thanks to an amino acid called L-Theanine that has anti-anxiety effects and allows the caffeine to burn much slower through your system. Basically, you won’t get a caffeine spike and crash like you would from coffee! Maybe its just me… but this sounds like a natural adderal/xanex recipe for your most productive self! 

Matcha is also jam packed with the antioxidant EGCG which is involved in the process of signaling the body to break down fat for energy!  We are talking natural fat burner that doesn’t make you sweat profusely! 


While matcha won’t magically shed pounds, it will boost your metabolism and help your body chemically with the process of loosing weight!

Matcha also contains lots of chlorophyll. (I mean duh! Just look at that pretty green!) 

Lately, chlorophyll has been getting a lot of attention as a natural deodorant that works from the inside banishing all kinds of odor from B.O. to bad breath, but, similar to EGCG, it also has some pretty bad ass antioxidant properties of its own! 

Chlorophyll not only promotes healthy skin (YES PLEASE), but also helps your body (esp your liver) detox! Chlorophyll is able to bind to toxic metals and carcinogens and expel them from the body.

One last thing I want to mention is that matcha, unlike coffee is alkaline on your stomach! This is sooo good because overloading on acidic things is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your gut health. PS this also means no yellow staining on your teeth! 

Literally this coffee alternative sounds too good to be true but the best part is its not! Try this recipe and join the obsession! 

How to make everyday feel productive!

How To Make Everyday feel Productive!

I hate to admit it, but productivity is definitely NOT my strong suit… I mean guys, I kid you not I’ve had days where I waste an HOUR looking up the best – get this – Productivity apps… 

just let that sink… Like WHAT??

And am I the only one that has spent actual HOURS online shopping, only to step back, be honest with yourself, and come to the reality that you 1 – don’t need any of it and 2you can’t afford it? So you resolve by closing the entire window and pretending like you didn’t just waste an hour of your life doing absolutely nothing.  It’s a pretty defeating feeling, if we are being real…

I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living, being productive feels fucking fabulous

I have absolutely nothing scientific to back this, but productivity high is  most definitely a thing. Something about crossing things off your To-Do list is just EUPHORIC. In fact sometimes (most of the time, who am I kidding) I write down the most mundane things I can think of just so I can cross them off. How silly right? I mean after that initial oh so satisfactory slash through the thing you were obviously going to do anyway, you come crashing to the realization that, in fact, nothing has been accomplished. UGH. So annoying. 

Habits You Should Have Stopped Yesterday

Stop making 3 mile long ToDo lists in the hope that some of it will get done. – This doesn’t work. You know it doesn’t work. You’ll just overwhelm yourself, jump from task to task and then wonder why nothing got done. 

Stop putting the mundane on your ToDo list. – Including the obvious does not mean you got more done, it means you spent more time making a to do list for no reason & less time getting shit done!

Stop letting the idea of your tasks frustrate you. – Just do them! 


Snap out of it. – I 1000% get this isn’t the advice you’re looking for, but sometimes it isn’t about some crazy life hack, its just about you making the conscious decision to snap out of it and get busy!   

Photo by STIL on unsplash

How to Consistently Reach that Sweet Spot of Focus!

After admitting to her that I just really didn’t feel like I was accomplishing all that I could each day, my friend and amazing mentor Ashley Diana shared some really bad ass advice with me that I have just been itching to pass on! 


done is better than perfect.

Is there a way to check the stats on how many people stopped reading after that statement? I get it, I love perfect, too, but “perfect” really just isn’t efficient. No one is asking you to produce crappy sloppy work, just very strongly suggesting that you stop wasting your precious time on the tiniest things that contribute very minimally in the grand scheme of things.

Example – The half an hour I used to spend tweaking my graphics by .00001 mm or the way I used to begin the task of cleaning my room by alphabetically organizing my bookshelf.. Obviously these are extreme examples (have you met me?) but you get the point. JUST GET IT DONE.

The next piece of advice from Ashley was game changing for me. She instructed me to chose three tasks to accomplish everyday, those 3 tasks would be my ToDo list. 

If you are like me you are probably thinking- “THREE THINGS?!? thats it?!” But yes! just 3 things!

This idea comes out of The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, Which I HIGHLY recommend! Chris talks about how our brain works best in 3’s and emphasizes that by focusing on a short list of three, you allow yourself to really hone in on what is most important to accomplish that day, rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed.

This is far from the only piece of GOLDEN advice included in his book! Literally go check it out, you will not regret it for even a second! 


Lastly, My Fav Hack for the Days You Just Can't Even

As much as I can pretend all day long that I’m smashing my goals every single day, the truth is, I don’t. Making the most out of every single day can be tough and improving myself is something that I am CONSTANTLY working on. 

Sometimes days just don’t go as planned… but thats okay! 

Somedays I forget to make my list of three, or I get caught up in something I wasn’t even planning to tackle that day! So, as I work through my day, I make note of the things I HAVE done! Obviously this list isn’t made up of things I need to remember or continue in the future, it simply serves as a little reminder that I should feel good about the things I DID get a chance to accomplish that day! 

If you planned on laying in bed with a glass of wine all day, and thats what you did, then you were productive that day! 

Just a little reminder that being productive does not always mean writing a 6 page paper in two hours, meeting a new sales goal, or running 50 thousand errands. Being productive is simply accomplishing what you have set out to do that day! This little piece of advice is Productivity Project approved and something you should most certainly always have in mind!

Thats all for me today, but I would LOVE to hear any productivity hacks you might have to share! 

All about oral health

P.S. This Post has a Giveaway at the End!

All About Oral Health

Lets talk my must haves, why I have 2 very different toothbrushes, my non negotiable tongue routine (YEAH), and my receding gum line. Ew, was that last one TMI…? IDC IDC It’s important!

No One Likes Bad Breath.

First off NO ONE likes bad breath. (it was worth repeating, we can all agree)

And if we are being honest, brushing regularly is just simply not enough.

Bad breath is caused by bacteria build up in your mouth, and that bacteria is not just on your teeth, it’s on your tongue too! Brushing your tongue is definitely a good first step, but it’s definitely, also, not the most efficient way to bid bad breath goodbye!

But tongue scraping? Oh yeah, it’ll do the trick!

So, I’m not above admitting I was not the avid tongue scraper I am today before listening to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. (episode 103 go listen, you wont regret it!) But now, you absolutely will not catch me skipping this step in my routine. I mean, honestly, why this habit isn’t engrained into us from birth the way a fascination with reality TV is, I have no clue


Tongue scraping isn’t a fad either, guys, its a thing. Its been apart of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries!

The Ayurvedic reasoning behind this habit is spiritual as well, and if you are interested in learning more about that, this book is the perfect resource! I highly recommend! But the idea is that removing the film layer of bacteria off of your tongue reduces not only the bacteria that reside there, but also reduces the bacteria that you are swallowing throughout your day. 

P.S. Your tongue should NOT be white just like your teeth should not be yellow! 🙂

Two Toothbrushes and the 411 on my Receding Gum Line

In all seriousness I should have probably lead with this because it is so important! Receding gum lines are not uncommon and are often caused by brushing too hard and using too rough of a toothbrush. Two ways to know if you are brushing too hard are –

1 – The bristles on your toothbrush for your teeth and your toothbrush for cleaning the cracks between the tiles in your bathroom look the same. (Yikes- time to settle down tiger)

Actually … I feel the need to clarify that, that is an exaggeration. Your bristles should stand tall & proud just like the day you bought them!

2 – Sensitive teeth! Chances are if your teeth are sensitive to temperature, your gums have started to recede and more of the root of the tooth is exposed.

The bad news is receding gums are the first step toward Gum Disease. If you are like me and the two symptoms above apply to you I’m sure you are currently thinking “F U C K  N O” because that is EXACTLY what I thought!

Before the panic sets in all the way, I’d like to add,  there is SO much hope! First chunk the toothbrush – I’m willing to bet if you brush too hard you also have a medium to hard bristle brush. ALWAYS go with soft! just like your skin, your teeth don’t need to be roughed up to be cleaned.


Because its my hobby to make everything in my life as difficult as humanly possible, I have two toothbrushes. I guess its like my version of the whole “my food can’t touch OCD” thing? 

For regular toothpaste brushing I use my quip! I made the switch because it really really helps me chill out and brush gently. The vibrations are timed as well which I love and I get sent a new brush head every three months. I don’t know about y’all but I think I’m actually the worst about replacing my toothbrush so the subscription thing is ideal!

The second toothbrush in my arsenal is an eco friendly bamboo toothbrush by Avistar care and it is fabulous! I use this brush for my charcoal teeth whitening powder after I’ve brushed my teeth. Both of these brushes are soft bristled and very gentle, as they should be!

The Avistar toothbrushes come in a pack of like a billion, guys, and the whole quip situation is not the cheapest thing in the world, so if you are looking for an affordable oral care upgrade like now, these brushes are the way to go! (throw a tongue scraper in your cart to while you’re at it because if there was ever a time to utilize two day shipping, its now!)

The First Date trick I Wish I Had Known Years Ago

Lastly, I want to talk about this LIFE SAVING product that I am so mad at myself for not having discovered sooner. GUYS this is like reinventing the wheel level shit I’m about to lay on you & I just need you to be ready. 


Floss picks are a thing, I get it, but these babies are –

1. Cute AF

2. Individually packaged for easy & discrete purse storage (a must)

3. Very oddly strong! (like I’m talking stronger than my tongue scrapping obsession)

Stashing these bad boys in my purse is a first date trick I wish I had known about YEARS ago! – Because we all know boys aren’t worth a damnnn when it comes to letting you know when theres something wrong on your face, much less in your teeth! *eye roll*
Like trust me, you telling me about the piece of spinach that moved in next to my left front tooth is WAY less embarrassing than getting home and finding it myself!


Wow, Wow was that a rant or what?? If you made it to the end of this post, congrats your teeth love you more already!

If you tried any of my recommendations I want to know all about it in the comments or feel free to slide into my DM’s any old time!


I very sincerely love the shit out of everyone who has been so supportive of me and this page! SO in addition to working super hard on busting out as many posts as I can, I also wanted to do a GIVEAWAY.  (Also bc who doesn’t love packages??)

I’ll be picking TWO people to receive some of my favorite Avistar care products! Just make sure you are following me on instagram (@skimzey) and following this blog! (if you aren’t, enter your email at the bottom of this page!) 

Giveaway ends 5/25/18

Winners will be notified 5/26/18 via instagram 

Morning Cacao Smoothie

Cacao Brain Power Breakfast Smoothie

This has been my absolute FAV breakfast smoothie lately! And before I even get into the recipe I just want to say, I 10000% get that it looks GROSS. But can I just take a minute to emphasize that it just LOOKS  that way?? This smoothie is my fav for a reason!! It is so tasty not to mention its packed with yummy vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect way to wake up and tell your body “I FUCKING LOVE YOU”

Photo by Brigitte Tohm

Cacao Breakfast Smoothie 

– 1 Frozen banana

– 1 Mejool date 

– 2 Table spoons cacao

– Big handful of spinach

– 1 1/2 Cup almond milk 

– 1 Tablespoon chia seeds 

Throw it all in a blender and enjoy!

If you're thinking - "a smoothie for breakfast wont keep me full!"

What if I told you that you could make your smoothie in a way that it would in fact keep you full!?

Heres a little way to tailor your smoothie to you! – 

Make this smoothie the way the recipe says and then make a note of what time you get hungry that day! (before lunch of course! this is not a drag it out as long as you can suggestion!) If you find that you weren’t able to make it to lunch on this recipe then add a table spoon of coconut oil to your smoothie the next morning and try again! If you still find yourself hungry before lunch, add another table spoon of chia seeds! This is adding more calories of course, and thats the point! You are adding GOOD calories that your body can make EXCELLENT use of!