About Sus!

A little bit about myself!

My name is Susanne Kimzey Daniels and welcome to my blog. To get started I think it is important you know I am hot as fuck. For example, I once made queso just from looking at cheese. I have an amazing boyfriend, Chadd David Tribo, who I am absolutely crazy about… like seriously he is just SOOO hot. But before I get too far ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning, I was born in Germany but grew up in Texas. After going to High School in Mckinney I spent a little time in Midland, Texas but currently live in Houston. 

I keep very busy by balancing working at the most confusing job ever and hanging out with friends. I enjoy exploring the hip new spots around town and rubbing Chadd’s feet. I’m excited for you to read my blog and learn more about my amazing life, and hey you may even learn something. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow the gram! Love, Skimzey

So time to get down to business, what can you expect from my blog? Easy, to gain invaluable insight on everything from health, fitness, style and even DIY projects. 

My goal is to share my passions and experiences with you to better your life. I’m a firm believer of a happy life starts with YOU, and I want to explore what simple things can improve your physical and mental health. Drake, said it best when he said “writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen”. So what do you say? Let’s explore and grow together! 

*Written by Chadd

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