10 Fruits and Vegetables Your Pup is Allowed to Enjoy!

Who would have guessed that my crazy pup loves blueberries!? Good news for him is that they are not only totally safe, but good for him too! Blueberries offer the same awesome antioxidants to Dax as they do to me and you!

Of course I am thrilled that I am allowed to give my pupper something fresh that he loves and benefits from, so I set out looking for some other yummy foods that he is able to enjoy. I am so pleasantly surprised that the list of doggie approved fruits and veggies is so long and I wanted to share a couple of our favs with you!


Fruits and Veggies For Your Pup!

Apples- Great source of vitamin C, fiber, and calcium!

Bananas- Great source of potassium, biotin and fiber!

Blueberries- Lots of antioxidants and fiber!

Cantaloupe- Omg so many nutrients and of course fiber!

Carrots- Contains beta carotene and is great for healthy teeth!

Celery- Promotes fresh breath (uh, YES PLEASE) and is recommended by vets as a weight loss treat!

Green beans- Another vet recommended healthy treat! But make sure your pup is only getting plain, unseasoned green beans

Pineapple- Contains bromelain, an enzyme that aids in digestion, joint pain, and treatment of allergies!

Strawberries- Nutrients and fiber, yeah yeah we know. Strawberries can also whiten your pups smile!

Blackberries- Have loads of antioxidants, fiber and nutrients!

*Remember these are meant to be given as treats and not a replacement for regular meals!

Now Dax hangs around excitedly every time I’m in the kitchen making a smoothie! But be aware guys, there are still plenty of fruits and veggies out there your pup can’t have, whenever you aren’t sure, always look it up!

In the spirit of being thorough here are a couple foods your dog WON’T be thanking you for.

IMG_5721.pngFruits and Veggies Your Pup Should Avoid!

Avocado- Contains persin which is toxic to dogs

Cherries- Contains cyanide.

Grapes- Can lead to kidney failure

Onions- Contains a toxin that affects your pet’s red blood cells


Next week I’ll be posting a Pup-sicle recipe that Dax and I are both very excited about! Stay tuned!



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  2. rachelestmae

    This is so great!! Bananas are my dog (Holly’s) fav, she comes running as soon as I start peeling one! Thanks for the great advice ❤

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