New Directions!

Having an arsenal of healthy go to recipes at your finger tips is of course important! But I wanted to take a small break from sharing recipes and focus on breaking down the basics of healthy, conscious eating!

There is so much information out there on how to eat “right” and many theories seem to contradict each other…. it can get pretty confusing for anyone! So which advice do you choose to follow??

As a navigation guide I am going to put together a short nutrition bible, Carbs, Protein, Sugar, Fat, Supplements…. I intend to cover as much as I can think of!

The health world seems to come in two frustrating extremes. There are those that preach a strictly plant based diet and those that count their macro nutrients religiously. The first focuses on health holistically and the second places emphasis on physical appearance. Both of these approaches are correct in their own way but are not very sustainable for those who are just beginning to navigate their way around healthy eating or those that are just not searching for an extreme.

In truth there is no ONE right way of eating. There is only what is uniquely right for YOU! What makes you most comfortable in your own skin?

Look out for my upcoming posts! The first of many will be a grocery store dictionary– Do terms like LOW FAT and NO SUGAR mean what you thought they meant??

In the mean time id like to share an amazing new product that I am head over heals for! (and super proud of myself for using!)

3BBags makes wonderful reusable produce bags! The first reusable produce bags I’ve seen in fact! I was so excited about my new produce bags that my reusable grocery sacs actually made it to the store for the first time and got put to use!


Baby steps are required for any new habit, be patient with yourself and congratulate yourself for every achievement no matter how small it may seem!


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