Mason Jar Smoothies!

Hey guys! This is the first post in my new College Series that I am so excited to start! I am often asked about how eating consciously can be up-kept in the school environment (more specifically the dorms!) and my answer is usually “.. hmm I’ll have to look into that!”

As a college student I recognize how hard it can be to maintain healthy eating habits as is with your busy schedule, I cant even imagine how much more inconvenient living in a dorm would be!

Your schedule is hectic and your dorm is hardly equipped for cooking… its a nightmare! What is a health conscious college kid to do??

Ive brain stormed some low maintenance and low cost ideas to answer just that question to the best of my abilityIMG_5425.JPG!

MASON JAR SMOOTHIES are my first college kid healthy hack!

But first things first! Im not suggesting that anyone try to screw their mason jar on the top of their blender! As it turns out, the mason jar personal blender idea wasn’t the best one.. (I was sold on it myself until I realized 1)how hard/expensive it was to find a blender the trick would work on and 2) that the whole ordeal had proven dangerous for some people who tried it!)

Although I do think prepping your smoothies ahead of time by cutting fruit and portioning it into mason jars is a step in the right direction!

I just dump my precut smoothie ingredients into the blender, blend, and pour right back into the mason jar! I love it, so quick and easy! Then just rinse your blender and done!

I even found these adorable little lids that fit right on the mason jar!

My smoothies for the week are-

Strawberry, banana, kiwi and cinnamon

Banana, cantaloupe, and honey (this one was to die for!)

Berries! DUH!

Peaches, blackberries and cream! (yogurt :P)

and a couple of my Citrus Kick smoothies from the last post!

Thats all for now!


Check out for a mason jar drink lid 🙂



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