Yummy Pick Me Up Wheatgrass shot!

From time to time I will eat something yucky in the name of health but I am definitely NOT a fan. I mean who is?

This wheatgrass shot, however, is one for the books!

I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately with a load of work to catch up on from school and decided to make myself a “pick me up” shot of wheatgrass. With the hopes of making it taste a little better I added some cinnamon, a teeny drop of honey and some coconut water powder, the result was fabulous!

Seriously.. I could sip on the stuff! And with how absolutely amazing wheatgrass is for you, this is a shot that just simply cannot be passed up!

So here’s the full ingredient list-

1/4  tsp dehydrated wheatgrass powder

1 tbs coconut water powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon

A teeny drop of honey (make sure this honey is local and organic!)

4oz water

Add all this to a shaker and shake with ice to chill, pour and enjoy!




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