Big time slackin’!

School and raising a pup sure are hard work and I have definitely been slacking in the kitchen! In Midland, quick healthy food is hard to come by, luckily we recently got an all organic smoothie place (Living Organics 360) that makes it so much easier to eat fresh on those lazy days (or lazy week as its been for me!) Unfortunately the healthy or the healthiest option isn’t always the ideal one but that is totally okay!

Healthy conscious eating can be difficult for all of us at times and I just wanted to write a little post about the importance of not letting it stress you out. Eating right is certainly an effort (one that is rewarded very well I might add) but it is 100% okay to not be perfect all the time.Image-1.jpg

You heard me right! Stress does you much more harm than those couple junkie meals and a healthy lifestyle is absolutely  positively not built by obsessing over the details.

Seriously, stress sends your body into fight or flight mode and while this is an awesome strategy that our body has, it isn’t so ideal long term!

Be happy and love yourself! love yourself by feeding fueling and exercising your body well, but also love yourself by accepting that no one expects you to be perfect!

IMG_4359.pngNow if you’ll excuse me, its valentines day and I think I deserve a cookie… or two!


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