Powerhouse Superfood – Turmeric!

Okay, I am way super late on this so I will post again before the beginning of next week!

This week turmeric is my superstar and since it’s the season of getting sick I thought it was absolutely fitting!

Now hold on! Before you quit reading let me just say I think its gross too! In fact, I believe we are all in consensus on that one! Turmeric is not known for its great flavor that’s for sure!

Its health benefits, however, are through the roof! So I had to find a tasty place for this little super spice to fit into our diets!

Curcumin is the chemical found in turmeric root or its powder, this little bad boy is where the magic lies. The benefits of this food are less nutritional and more medicinal, I promise you’ll be blown away. Turmeric has been used for its medicinal properties for ages but more recent studies have proven that these rumors are not just folk tales!

Some of its benefits-



Cholesterol management

Diabetes management

Settles an upset stomach


Cancer treatment

Arthritis treatment

Infection fighter

Boosts your immune system


This root is truly amazing! How could you not be a fan??


How I like to eat it-

Mix it in mustard!

Sprinkle in with other intense flavors like onions!

Ive also found that it pairs well with curry.

Honestly guys.. if none of this sounds appealing to you, go buy some empty capsules at the store and make your own vitamin supplement! I’m serious, especially if you are facing a cold this winter. It will work wonders! A good recommended serving size seems to be 1-3 g of powder.

(different concentrations of curcumin is found in the different forms of this root)

Because the chemical curcumin is such a power house I would start with as little as ¼ of a teaspoon everyday if you are planning to supplement!



Beware turmeric stains like no other! So be careful when cooking with this pesky food!


7 thoughts on “Powerhouse Superfood – Turmeric!

  1. rachelestmae

    I have turmeric capsules but always forget to take them.. GENIUS idea mixing it in mustard!!!! Great idea girl!!❤

  2. I love it in a curry, never thought to add it to mustard will have to try that.
    I’m from Melbourne, and Melburnians are crazy about turmeric lattes at the moment – still yet to try one though – but it’s another way to get your turmeric hit!

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