Take off

First off! Thank you so much to everyone who is reading this right now! I have taken absolutely forever to put anything at all out there at all.

This online journal of mine is going to be a bit of everything so bear with me! I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes and time savers for quick healthy living. I plan to do a book of the month and feature a nutrition packed food to try every week! Ive added a page for work outs and since I’m craft obsessed there had to be a page for that as well!

My name is Susanne and I have this crazy passion for nutrition and wellness but if we are going to be completely honest with each other here Ill confess that I am far from perfect. I mean like really super far from it…

Being a college student working at a bar doesn’t help either, in fact sometimes I feel like I am slipping further and further from my ideal selfIMG_8805.png. That being said, I think it is so important to hold on dearly to your goals and the image that you want for yourself!

So I thought why not start a blog! Why not create a space where I can be open with the goals that I have for myself? A place where I can pace myself, motivate myself and others and share the struggles of well, life! And If I can motivate you guys on the way then all the better! So here goes nothing!




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